Perhaps you are looking for a new idea for your corporate celebration or team building event?
If you are bored sitting within four walls, jump into your cars and join in the competition! Or surprise your clients and partners by inviting them to compete and gain new driving skills…
We have some things to offer! Educational, entertaining, as well as competitive, events that are distinctive for the fact that driving is essential here.
Depending on the objectives of the event, its format can be very diverse. Some examples are indicated below and you can submit your request right away by simply filling in the request form.


You will have a great opportunity to demonstrate your ingenuity, creativity, the most diverse (geographic, historical, ethnographic, exact sciences, etc.) knowledge and, of course, driving, as well as navigational skills! In addition to this, you will have a good time with a great company…

We are experienced in organizing such events, so we promise: no, it won’t be riskier than driving the usual way. Furthermore, you will not have to infringe the road traffic provisions because you will be driving on public roads…

Orienteering Rally is not about being first, the goal is to perform the tasks correctly and accurately. Moreover, some professional questions may be hidden among these tasks.
During the Orienteering Rally, crews of 2-4 persons are competing with each other. Clients’ cars are used.

This is a full-day (or at least more than half a day) event. The location of Orienteering Rally and its starting place usually differ. The average range of the Rally is 150-180 km (depending on the route).
Every time we prepare the route especially for you, so it can lead you exactly where the evening of your event is scheduled. And the evening is usually full of emotions and the eagerness to know: who the winner is?

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The theoretical training can be provided at the beginning of the competition. The tips from driving coaches received during the event will certainly be useful when driving on an ordinary day.

A test for road traffic regulations, safe driving or effective driving can also be organized as a part of this competition.

What is more, the adrenaline when performing different driving tasks in driving tracks or circular racetracks will encourage to demonstrate not only the driving technique but also the psychological fitness in order to cope with excitement when you are being lucky or not…

The race may take place in both passenger cars and heavy transport. Clients’ vehicles are used.

Such events are normally organized in enclosed (safe) tracks or autodromes.

Depending on the scope of the competition, there may be several different standings and several different contests.
Intrigue persists until the end of the event because it is impossible to predict who will become the winners of the competition…

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The aim of such events is to present the characteristics of the model being tested.

The event format (rally, race, etc.) depends on the purpose of the event, on the number of cars being tested, and on the intended number of guests, as well as the requested location of the event.

The event may be targeted at the potential clients or your own staff, in order to ensure that they are familiar with the product and immediate competitors.

Both educational and entertaining material can be included in such events.
We are ready to offer the best option for you and your guests.

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Subject to the goals, we can also integrate into your event:
driving together with auto sport professionals or meeting with them,
first aid training,
as well as team building elements and etc.
If you provide more information about your event, we will prepare an individual offer. You will find our contacts and the request form at the top of the website.

Will be happy to cooperate with the event organizers, especially if there are more than 50 participants of the event. In such case, we will be responsible for the “car related” part of the event and the professional event organizers will take care of all other entertainment.