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Why us?

After training, the company’s costs for fuel consumption are reduced by at least 5-8 %. The costs of vehicle operation are decreasing as well.

The training helps to significantly reduce or completely eliminate even the smallest car accidents from the transport fleet statistics.

We are the pioneers of eco-driving idea promotion in Lithuania, who have accumulated the greatest experience of modern, i.e. responsible and rational, driving training to date.

Due to the breadth of competence of our driving trainers, we are able to train drivers having all kinds of experience, from regular to professional, as well as driving instructors and examiners.

The methodology of our training is based on the coaching principles that encourage the student to improve their skills even after the training.

Our training is not “arid”, we constantly monitor and analyze our training and, in addition to this, we provide professional recommendations to the client after the training.

Our team consists only of people who in 100 % believe in the meaningfulness and usefulness of their activities to the public and are constantly learning themselves.

We prepare the curriculum for each client in such a way that it would cover the most relevant topics.

We efficiently teach safe driving not only in autodromes but also in real traffic conditions. 

We prefer individual practical training with the student’s vehicle.

Our activities are not limited to Lithuania.

Each time we try to surprise our clients, who came back to improve their skills, with a new program.



Acceptability of Training Methods

89,8% of training participants, by applying ecodriving principles for the very first time, immediately felt completely good in traffic.


Usage of knowledge obtained

99,3% of training participants promised not only to use the obtained knowledge themselves but also to share it with their relatives, friends and colleagues.