At the end of 2017, an international training project was conducted. The examiners from Georgia became the participants of the project where the main purpose was to learn how to examine the novice drivers in real traffic. Training took place in Georgia, the city of Rustavi. 32 persons participated in the training.

For the enforcement of the obligations under the Directive 2006/126/EU of the European Union from the year 2018 procedure for the examination of drivers in Georgia is being amended. Practical examination of the future drivers will be carried out not only at the site, as it was until now, but also in the real traffic.

The training program consisted of two stages. During the first stage, duration of which was 3 days, the participants of the training improved their driving skills and learned the modern European driving style. Moreover, they improved their skills in driving evaluation criteria together with the coaches and learned how to recognize and to assess them correctly.

During the second stage, duration of which was another 2 days, the participants of the training not only enhanced their knowledge but also improved methodological, psychological, as well as communication skills. The participants studied the application of the principles and methods that would encourage a future driver to become a good driver having responsible and safe driving style.